Dribin Historical and Ethnographic Museum

The museum was founded by the Decision of the Dribin District Council of People’s Deputies on 15 February 1995 and opened for visitors in 2004. The work of the museum is different in non-traditional trends: the research of the unique crafts of Dribin - fulling, which in 2009 was granted the status of historical and cultural value of the Republic of Belarus. The museum houses the folk amateur association "Shapoval" ("Fuller"). The museum has six exposition halls: "The Great Patriotic War," "Crafts and Trade", "Fulling", "Nature of Dribin", "Icons," and "Folks Clothes". In the halls of the museum, one can see objects of traditional folk life of Dribin, which popularize the historical local information, crafts and trade. The total number of items is 3.918 (on 1 January 2012). The most important collections are "Painting," "Exhibits of Ethnography and Life," "Folk Clothes," which include fulling. The museum personnel organize and conduct exhibitions, museum and educational sessions, ethnographic festivals, contests, wedding ceremonies, lectures.
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